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GREENWARE plant-based drink cups and food service items!

Hello - First, I want to say I'm a huge Sheetz fan and consider myself an unofficial ambassador for the company since I am the PA photographer for new store openings. Recently, I traveled to Austin TX and bought a yoghurt cup in a Greenware "plastic" cup, which was stamped with MADE FROM PLANTS. I was so excited I went immediately to the website and learned these cups and other food service items are made from plants and decompose in about 50 days after use. When I go to Sheetz and other fast service stores, I am dismayed looking at all the plastic bags, plastic-wrapped foods and drink cups - where does it all go? With new recycling restrictions, the answer is it goes in a landfill, or worse into the environment as litter. I know Sheetz is a forward-thinking company who wants to be out front in this vital issue - please consider plant-based packaging for one-time use convenience foods. We ALL have to do what we can reduce our carbon footprint and address climate change head on. Please be an industry leader and set the example by replacing the plastic products your stores use every day with sustainable alternatives now.



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