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I have a gluten intolerance, and I know many of people that have gluten allergies. It's difficult for us to find gluten free options at fast food places or gas stations. It would be great if Sheetz was the first fast food place to offer a gluten free menu!


Submitted by Taryn Owens 11 months ago

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    11 months ago

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  1. It's my understanding that if you have certain gluten intolerances, like Siliac's (I probably misspelled that!), your food cannot come into contact with any surface that also touched gluten (counters, utensils, etc, even gloved hands). So while I think it's an amazing idea, it would be difficult for them to ensure the safety/purity of the gluten free product, I think.

    11 months ago
    1. There are other places that sell both foods. Eat n park, pizza places, convience stores. This store would be no different. I have a very high allergic reaction from foods that would be cross contaminated, I have never had any problem from these places that cook both gluten and non-gluten foods from kitchen.

      10 months ago
  2. Not necessarily, Melissa. Most restaurants, including fast food, can change the way they prepare without to much trouble. For instance, Chuck-E-Cheese has a gf pizza that gets cooked in its bag, and never gets opened until it reaches the table. So Sheetz could definitely do more. Both of my daughters have Celiac, so we just usually pack gf sandwiches when we travel and I will get an MTO or something. Would be nice to have some options to leave the sandwiches at home. Although many things, Foodles (the packs of apples, grapes, and cheeses), yogurts (some, not all), and some bars are gluten free.

    10 months ago
  3. It would be amazing if Sheetz had gluten free items! My mother has a gluten allergy and it would be great to grab her something quick she can eat. Even if it was as simple as French fries.

    10 months ago