Self-Serve Coffee

Sheetz Brand Creamers

Sheetz has been an ambassador of its own coffee line for YEARS. I am a former employee (10+ years with Sheetz) and am wondering when Sheetz will expand into flavored creamers? Sheetz now has K-cups, which are of top notch quality. It shouldn't be that big of a stretch to expand into creamers. Italian Schweet Cream, Hazelnutz, Peppermint Schwirl, c'mon!!! You have the skills. You have the facility. You definitely have the entrepreneurial culture. YOU STARTED OUT AS A DAIRY, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! As you can probably tell, I'll always hold Sheetz near and dear to my heart, and I. Love. Coffee. I feel like Sheetz has left an obvious market un-tapped. Want to hear more? Call me. I'll be happy to chat. (I'll also be happy to sign a non-disclosure allowing me to taste-test any potential products, lol. Did I mention I love coffee?)



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