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Sheetz Flavor Injectionz

This is about MTO. I don't really work much in MTO but here's a shot. I know you can order sauces and they go on the thing. Let's take a hot dog for example. It's ordered with ketchup and nacho cheese. Instead of just simply putting the sauce on the hot dog (Where it's supposed to go), what if you could do something special, something that would stand out from other restaurants? This is where the Sheetz Flavor Injectionz (copyright of Sheetz) comes into play!


It's pretty much just a syringe (no big pointy needle or glass or anything like that), but maybe plastic, I'm sure there are cooking syringes out there.


But, you use the Flavor Injector to infuse the essence of ketchup and nacho cheese into the product, so instead of it being on the product and just being there, it's inside the product and the customer bites into an explosion of taste and delicious cheesiness of the nacho variety. This would set Sheetz apart from your typical everyday food hot-spot (as Sheetz is the best and should be better than the rest) and would bring customers in, with excitement for the new Sheetz Flavor Injectionz! (The Z at the end because it's Sheetz and it's Sheetz-tastic!) Thank you!



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