major profits to be made in this area. please consider

i was shocked to discover that sheetz wasnt in my current area. please consider multiple locations in the 60 mile stretch of myrtle beach sc.

for the most part, most businesses do enough revenue during peak season to keep their doors open year round. as far as the locations go

i would suggest somewhere close to barefoot landing and broadway at the beach

. this area has tons of shops, theatres, bars, museums, theme parks, = yes they have some gas stations already but some arent very easy to get in and out, and none offer the sheetz tasty quick food or exsperiance. with having all these business in one central location not only are you servicing the tourist but also all the locals/ employees, owners of these establishments. in 2016 its estimated that 18.6 million people visited myrtle beach. that's an addition too already the 300,000 people that call mrytle beach home. from the research ive gathered, tourism brings in 7 billion annually to the mrytle beach area. i didnt make that up, so why wouldnt sheetz want their little slice of the pie 😉 i could go on but those numbers speak for themselves and bc there isn't a sheetz around, im having to now search for a place tgat has hot pretzels at 12 o'clock at night. 🤔



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