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Update: THANK YOU for all of the great ideaz! We are always monitoring the ideas and will continue to look into getting as many as we can into our stores as quickly as possible. We are making progress on several ideas and are in detailed review or test of at least 63 and have implemented 39 of the ideas that came from you, our customers. We will try to update you as much as we can on some of the things we're doing behind the scenes. Please keep your ideaz coming to create the Sheetz of the Future with us!

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There are lots of Distribution Centers Going up, with limited Gas and Food options. These large centers for companies like Coca Cola, Wayfair, O'Reilly and more coming in.... there are shifts of folks that need food options. The only thing at the entire exit is a gas station with a small grill. A Sheetz, opened 24-hours, would do well here! Check it out, Interstate 40 in Greensboro, NC, at McConnell Road Exit. PLEASE ...more »

Submitted by (@katkestler)


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Made-To-Order Menu

Chicken quality

Please look into improving the quality of your grilled chicken. Also, please consider using bite-size pieces of chicken in the wraps and subs rather than using a full or half chicken patty. The chicken used to be good years ago. Not sure what has happened lately but the chicken is inedible. Thanks.

Submitted by (@burrito6)


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Made-To-Go! Items

Vegan options

With veganism on the rise it seems like a good time to get on ball with this. There are so many delicious products out there to be made and sold. Everything from The Impossible Burger to Beyond Burgers. Daiya brand cheese options. These are things that are selling more and more. I can just imagine a burrito with some daiya cheese, rice and beans, some Gardein beefless tips.

Submitted by (@neozippy1945)


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Made-To-Order Menu

Its all about the bacon

I drive truck for a living and I frequent sheetz stores almost every day that I work. There needs to be an option on the ordering screens to have your bacon CHEWY or CRISPY. The way they are cooking the bacon now, it's always chewy and more often than not, it's almost to the point where it ISN'T even done. This is a problem at every sheetz I have ever been to, and I'm all over the place. When you take a bite of something ...more »

Submitted by (@kawkx500)


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