Made-To-Order Menu

MTO order screen and Payment at the pump

I would like to see MTO order screen at the pumps That way I could just tack my order on to my fuel payment. This will reduce my wait time inside as my food can be prepared while I am still pumping gas. Also, I won't have to wait in the checkout line. In addition to this there could be additional drinks added to the MTO menu at the pump so I can add a cooler drink to my order (Monster for example) so I can still... more »


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124 down votes

Other Experience Ideas

MTO Kitchen Store

It would nice to have a Sheetz MTO Kitchen store in an area where you can't put in a full store with gas pumps. IE: Downtown State College, PA. A Sheetz MTO Kitchen would be great to get food for breakfast, lunch, or supper or midnight snack. Also, with the convenience store side, it would be helpful to get a few items that you may need and don't want to drive to a box store to get. I am sure there are other areas... more »


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