Other Product Ideas

Selling Sheetz Sauces in bottles to the public

I love Sheetz sauces. All of the different kinds are delicious! I always get sauce with whatever I order at MTO, and I would like to be able to have them at home too. They don't sell any of their sauces in bulk, but that would be a nice addition to Sheetz and a great change for everyone who loves their sauce.


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14 down votes

Made-To-Order Menu

Any Sauce for Any Item

I think you should be able to select any sauce you want for any item. I love the Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, but right now if you order a fried appetizer sampler that isn't one of the choices. I think you should make all the Sheetz sauces available with any item you select and/or include an extra tab at the bottom of the food selection screen where you can add extra sauces.


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Advertising & Promo

Here Comes Honey Boom Boom

For those customers who have a more mild sauce preference but still want the bold boom boom flavor, Honey Boom Boom sauce is the answer (not to mention the added benefit of a potential marketing idea). It is honey mustard + boom boom sauce, but the ratio is not necessarily 50-50, hence the need for a separate sauce. Try this, people.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Mint for SBC Drinks

I work for Sheetz at Store 215 and regularly order SBC drinks. You can get drizzle and swirls in the cup with chocolate or peanut butter, for example. But, I've thought to myself, if you can get peanut butter or chocolate, why not mint? I know what you're thinking, mint, really? Mint? The answer to that is YES! I've ordered a Milkshake or a Cake Batter Drink and have wondered why there isn't a mint sauce you can... more »


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