Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

iced coffee

I am very disappointed that you do not have a regular iced coffee, which is so popular all over the country! Please get a no-frills, just regular brewed coffee that is cooled throughout the day, to be combined with liquid sugar and half & half, then shaken, when ordered; just like starbucks and mcdonalds. Then you will get a valued customer back.

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Self-Serve Coffee

LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!!

For the love of your customers, please stop making people walk through the ocean of people waiting for MTO food all the way across the store for a LID. Here's a great idea- put the LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!! If we need to customize it, we'll take it back off and add things. Right now it is dangerous because in my area the floor is often covered with wet snow. Thank you! :)

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Sustainability & Environment

Donate used coffee grounds

I was standing there waiting for my order the other day as one of the employees was brewing new coffee in all of the self serve big coffeemakers. As I watched him empty the used grounds into the trash time after time, an idea came to mind. Starbucks has a bucket by the door where they have sealed bags of used coffee grounds customers can take. They are great to add to gardens, landscape area soil etc. Why not bag ...more »

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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

An espresso shot with each increase in size

The way Sheetz currently makes a latte/cappucino is to use a single shot of espresso regardless if it is a small, medium or large. If you order a large latte it is weak and practically tasteless. You can order an extra shot of espresso but you have to pay for it. Anywhere else a small is a single shot, a medium is a double shot and a large is a triple shot. I would buy more speciality coffee drinks from Sheetz if they ...more »

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