Made-To-Order Menu

Ice Cream Menu

One of my favorite parts about the MTO menu is the drink section. I love the many different options there are for blended coffee drinks and fruit smoothies, but I think including a section for milkshakes would add an exciting twist to the menu, especially for the summer! People could choose their favorite base flavor and add things to mix in, such as M&Ms, peanuts, cookies, etc.

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New Services & Technology

Give that buzzer the boot

Every time I go into a Sheetz and someone orders MTO food, the warning buzzer goes off. Its so ear splitting loud and persistent that it actually makes standing in the store painful for more than a few minutes. Having witnessed/experienced this on probably over 100 times I have become convinced that it has literally made the staff tone-deaf to that tone based on the premise they appear to be in no hurry to silence the ...more »

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New Services & Technology

Add an Order On Line to the iPhone/Android app 4 store Selection

It would be nice if in the phone app that a selection under the "Locate a Sheetz" would have Order from this store. Where it would then open in the browser already selected to that store. Also on the present order on line web page it should open the the choice menu (like on the Kiosk screens) not to the whats new screen. It took me a couple times going to the page (getting frustrated and going ot the store tot order) ...more »

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New Services & Technology

Train your employees better!

The only reason I still go to Sheetz is for the convenience. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't bother because my orders are hardly ever right. Either they leave off something I asked for, or they put something on that I didn't ask for. Tonight I ordered a 12 inch sub because I was in the mood for something cold. What do I get? A warm toasted sub, despite the fact that I clicked no when asking if I wanted it toasted. It's ...more »

Submitted by (@britney)


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

More flavored syrups

While Sheetz has some interesting flavors (banana) for their specialty drinks, I feel the options are too few. The other night I wanted a cinnamon hot chocolate more than anything and assumed sheetz would be able to fulfill my desires only to be let down. I think some flavors that would be great to include would be: Cinnamon, coconut, toffee nut, dulce de leche, and orange.

Submitted by (@dlilly8021)


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