Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Cool Coozzie

Please offer for sale with frozen drinks a Cool Coozzie to insulate the frozen drink (self-pour or Specialty) so that the drink melts more slowly and the cup doesn't get slippery in the consumer's hand due to condensation. This item could be reusable so it would easily seem worth $2-$3 to purchase. It could also bear Sheetz advertising.


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Water button!

Maybe other stores have it, but I know at my store besides a sink or a water fountain there's no self-serve way to get water and I very much think there should be. Customers ask all the time and I always feel bad offering them sink water or a water fountain that doesn't fill their cup all the way. If not a button that adds to the fizz city machines, maybe invest in the nice water fountains that are built for water bottles?... more »


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Other Experience Ideas

Milkshake Straws!

I believe we should carry the thicker, colorful milkshake straws as well as the red ones we currently have. They would be the same straws that different companies use for Boba tea. We can have the current straws for SBC drinks like iced coffees and the fizz city area, then milkshake straws to make drinking our milkshakes easier.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Fried Burger patties

Okay so I think that if its possible much like we have the fried chicken patty sandwhich we could have a burger that we could also drop in the deepfryer. Maybe as like a limited time promotion or something. I mean we deep fry the tacos and that has ground beef... so I figure a burger patty wouldnt be too off the beaten path. Although I'm not sure if it would negatively impact anyones allegies/dietary restrictions to have... more »


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