Sustainability & Environment

Submitted by (@piperhall)

No More Plastic Bags

I think it would be a good decision for Sheetz to enact a plastic bag program in and effort to help reduce plastic pollution. The program could take several forms but some simple changes could really make big difference, especially when a large company like Sheetz decides to make changes. Definitely offer Sheetz canvas bags, two styles-one solid color with Sheetz logo, the other an awesome Sheetz design(s). These could ...more »


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Advertising & Promo

Submitted by (@buzzyboop)

Reusable Sheetz logo shopping bag

I live just down street from my local Sheetz in Youngwood PA. I mostly walk to the store. I usually carry with me one of my reusable shopping bags so I don't have to get a plastic Sheetz bag. Why not a red Sheetz logo reusable bag? I'd be happy to buy one, but as a Sheetz Card holder, give it away as a monthly giveaway or after so many purchases? I, for one, would use it and would be proud to proclaim my Sheetzness walking ...more »


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New Services & Technology

Submitted by (@heatherdougherty)

Allow customers to use their own bags or opt out.

When ordering a MTO at Sheetz you have to be very aggressive in telling both the person preparing your food and checking you out that you do not want a bag.


I have been told by several employees that the bag policy is enforced and if they don't give me a bag they could get in trouble. This level of bag use contributes to litter.


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