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Philadelphia style hoagie roll vs standard white bread roll

i would definitely buy many more subs at sheetz if they gave me the option for a traditional hoagie roll. The bread which Wawa uses for all their subs/hoagies makes me always pick a Wawa over a Sheetz if they are both nearby. The MTO's will do but Wawa wins as far as bread quality for this frequent convenience store sub/hoagie buyer.

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Allergen friendly food

It would be really great to see some allergen free options on your menu or stocked on the shelves. A gluten free, dairy free bread option would be so nice. Or maybe you could offer an allergen free candy bar or pack of cookies? (Enjoy Life has some great tasting allergen free choices!) When traveling, we would certainly stop at a place where we could get an allergen free treat!!

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Made-To-Order Menu

Reduce Sodium in Menu

Is there really a great need for such high amounts of preservatives in Sheetz food? I see delivery trucks at Sheetz quite often-- (And the claim by Sheetz is that doughnuts are delivered fresh every day)... So, why all the sodium (preservative) in the breads and fried foods, when some items could be delivered fresh daily (or every other day) so these foods don't need to be frozen or otherwise highly preserved.

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