Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@heatherlasley)

MTO at table

At the indoor dining table, there could be the MTO screen where customers could order and pay with sheets card, app or credit card. They order at the table, and retrieve their food when the number is called because having someone run the food out isn't necessary. This provides a more convenient yet casual dining experience.


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Submitted by (@joeydorman)

Inside seating and college discount

To attract more business and cater to more people, Sheetz should add indoor seating and offer college students an additional 5% off food purchases. Our brand new Sheetz in Asheboro, NC has four outdoor tables... but due to the metal frame umbrella with holes embedded into it, it's impossible to eat outside unless it's a clear day.


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Submitted by (@mrs.brittanybear)

Cute, Quiet Cafe Area

I prefer Sheetz coffee MTO drinks to Starbucks any day but when it comes down to needing to meet someone for a coffee... Starbucks has a quieter more Cafe like setting. One of the Sheetz I go to has tables but the atmosphere isn't as cozy and welcoming. I would suggest making a Cafe Area secluded by doors or something away from the hustle and bustle of the gas station section that is just way to crowded. You could ...more »


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