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Submitted by (@amyisaacsontillman)

Your Donuts need Major improvement!

Your donuts are almost never fresh and t would be nice to offer a dozen price. I went one night to get donuts for my family-unfortunately I waited too long and our Dunkin Donuts was closed or I would have gone there. I paid $16 dollars for a dozen of stale donuts. When I asked the guy behind the counter when they were put out he gave me a rude answer of early this morning well it is now almost 11 at night! Never again! ...more »


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Submitted by (@tedwunderlich)

small but important

Ever tried to carry out 5 or 6 donuts in the boxes available at the bakery items? Weak!.....literally. The boxes are nice and collapsible but for purposes of utility they feel as though they will fall apart at any moment. Please bring the quality of the box up to the quality of SHEETZ


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Submitted by (@karenwilder)

Bigger Better Cheaper Donuts

cThis grocery store I go to when i'm in their area makes excellent donuts. They are huge. Bigger than sheetz donuts and cost .65 cents a donut. They have cream cheese filled donuts. Sugar donuts. Glazed. The best donuts I ever had. If this store wasnt so far away i'd go there instead of sheetz for donuts. I would love to see sheetz have bigger and cheaper donuts like the grocery store. This stores donuts are so delicious ...more »


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