Made-To-Go! Items

Submitted by (@frankdenunzioii)

Better Employee Training

You need better training for MTO employees regarding food prep and presentation. I can't tell you how many times we have ordered hot dogs and they are thrown together and falling apart (maybe you need better buns) and the condiments are just slopped on - It's disgusting ! You should also go back to using the boxes for hot dogs if there is things like Chili on them -- I can't tell you how many times I get hot dogs and ...more »


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Self-Serve Coffee

Submitted by (@sarahl.markley)

LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!!

For the love of your customers, please stop making people walk through the ocean of people waiting for MTO food all the way across the store for a LID. Here's a great idea- put the LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!! If we need to customize it, we'll take it back off and add things. Right now it is dangerous because in my area the floor is often covered with wet snow. Thank you! :)


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New Services & Technology

Submitted by (@lewisrmc)

Payment Process

Sheetz could truly benefit from installing machines that let you pay for your Made-To-Order orders at the ordering kiosks. It would be easier and a great way for customers that are just getting food to pay for their orders without having to stand in long lines with those that are getting gas or items that aren't on the Made-To-Order Menu. It would also ensure that your all customers get in and out in a timely fashion, ...more »


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