Cooler & Fountain Drinks

99 cent Arnold Palmers

I have noticed that Sheetz is the only place that sells Arnold Palmer cans for more than 99 cents. This is a travesty to all of us Arnold Palmer lovers. It is even more frustrating that the cans come with a 99 cent label printed on the bottle, so that tells me that Sheetz has to request to particularly have that left off so that they can sell them for more than 99 cents. That is just bad business.

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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Iced drinks

Please offer iced coffee and/or iced lattes that are made from actual espresso or coffee and not coffee flavored sweetened concentrate. I never buy coffee at sheets in the summer because I want actual coffee and not a sugar/ corn syrup mixture with coffee flavor. Many people who cant or choose not to drink sweetened beverages enjoy iced coffee. Please look into how Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts make iced coffee. I would ...more »

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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

iced coffee

I am very disappointed that you do not have a regular iced coffee, which is so popular all over the country! Please get a no-frills, just regular brewed coffee that is cooled throughout the day, to be combined with liquid sugar and half & half, then shaken, when ordered; just like starbucks and mcdonalds. Then you will get a valued customer back.

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