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sheetz express in the food court.

As you may be aware as of August 1st McDonalds will be leaving an already barron food court at the logan valley mall. This mall houses 30+ Retail chainz and businesses. The mall is a very very busy place at times. And me as manager in the mall i spend most of ny existence there. So i would like a place to eat with some variety (sheetz) i know youve tested as a concept before but this is a huge opportunity for you as ...more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

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Stop wasting smoothies

I have been ordering the Greek Yogurt Smoothie Large with the Power Shake add on for $0.79 extra, but I am only getting 2/3rds of a scoop of the Power Shake because the rest is wasted when it is poured down the drain because the mixers are being over filled. Not only am I not getting the vitamins and supplements that I paid for, but your store is pouring its profits down a literal drain. To see how bad the problem is ...more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

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MTO Pricing...

Why is McDonald's the number one fast food company? Real estate and the dollar menu. Your hot dogs sell like crazy but I'm better the burgers and burritos don't. You're telling me McDonald's can offer a $1 double cheese burger but you can offer an atomic cheese burger for under $6? Rather then capitalizing on more expensive new foods, find a way to cut the retail overhead of these products and get them closer $5 or under. ...more »


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