Loyalty/Rewards Program

Gift for a Cause & Point Usage

Sheetz HQ there has been a lot of talk about being able to gift our points to other members; it’s a great idea. But let me tell you something else I thought of while Trick-or-Treating with my kids. Rewards Programs such as Pampers Points or Recycle Bank both have the ability to use their points and for lack of knowing the precise terms “Gift for a Cause.” We have had numerous states in need of funding and Sheetz does ...more »

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Loyalty/Rewards Program

Notification of expiring rewards

You should advise customers when their rewards are going to expire. For example, I was one item away from a free breakfast sandwich and now the breakfast credits are all gone and the line isn't even listed at the bottom of the receipt. Had I been aware I was going to loose everything I had earned, I would have made sure to use them up before they expired!

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New Services & Technology

Pay/Order by smartphone for gas, food, etc.

With applications like Wallet, Passbook, etc. Sheetz would be all over this. Use this for paying at the pump instead of getting your card out of your wallet or hunting down your debit/credit card and bonus card. A Sheetz app that includes features to save your debit card to an account and tie to the Sheetz reward card so you can also order your food before you get to the store. Have a separate line for 'on-line' order ...more »

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