Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@rukieangel)

Any Sauce for Any Item

I think you should be able to select any sauce you want for any item. I love the Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, but right now if you order a fried appetizer sampler that isn't one of the choices. I think you should make all the Sheetz sauces available with any item you select and/or include an extra tab at the bottom of the food selection screen where you can add extra sauces.


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Other Product Ideas

Submitted by (@ikaikanani)

Selling Sheetz Sauces in bottles to the public

I love Sheetz sauces. All of the different kinds are delicious! I always get sauce with whatever I order at MTO, and I would like to be able to have them at home too. They don't sell any of their sauces in bulk, but that would be a nice addition to Sheetz and a great change for everyone who loves their sauce.


66 votes
80 up votes
14 down votes