Other Product Ideas

Submitted by (@amanda)

Cereal Bar

I think instead of ice cream, you guys would do great with a cereal bar- dispense favorite cereals (like you have for the topping bar of ice cream) into to-go sealable liquid tight containers and the add a milk dispenser (already have over at coffee) (also chocolate milk and almond for vegans!) Especially in college towns, you guys will do great with this and it's popular year around, unlike ice cream!


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@ashleylawson)

Organic Options

I LOVE Sheetz but I'm a rather healthy eater (I know -aka a picky person womp womp) and I'm a big believer in eating organic/natural foods whenever possible. I think Sheetz has a great selection of healthy food options, but not organic foods. I think creating an option for using organic veggies, eggs, fruits, and nitrate free meats would really draw new customers. None of the other restaurants I know of have organic options ...more »


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