Other Product Ideas

Submitted by (@amanda)

Cereal Bar

I think instead of ice cream, you guys would do great with a cereal bar- dispense favorite cereals (like you have for the topping bar of ice cream) into to-go sealable liquid tight containers and the add a milk dispenser (already have over at coffee) (also chocolate milk and almond for vegans!) Especially in college towns, you guys will do great with this and it's popular year around, unlike ice cream!


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Submitted by (@erinevola)

Bring back soy milk!

Soy milk foams a lot better than almond milk so it works much better for hot drinks, would be able to be consumed by people with nut allergies/sensitivities, and in my opinion is just tastier in general. I was really upset when Sheetz switched to almond milk and have been hoping for soy milk to come back for a while now.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@laurenesherick)

Salad Options

It would be easy to have a large bowl and a pizza cutter or a real salad chopper to create chopped salads and if you don't already have the option to create your own salad from a list of ingredients then you should have that as well. Places like Chopt in DC and other salad chains do this but in Western PA we have nothing like this. I would also add nuts and seeds and other fruit like grapes and berries to add to salads. ...more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@rachelmackneer)

Limited time bistro selections

Have two limited time bistro style sandwiches available per month. Example, a turkey pesto caprese sandwich on multigrain bread and a vegan option like a beet and lentil burger topped with apple slices, sauerkraut and Dijon mustard on rye bread. I think the veg option is important and if well advertised will draw in a lot of customers.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@gracecanfield)

More Vegetarian Options

Hi there, I'm a vegetarian and I love Sheetz but find that there are very limited vegetarian options for 'entrees'. Two things in particular that would be great: 1) Fully customizeable salads (with more garnish options). I was surprised to find that it wasn't an option to remove the meat when ordering a salad, so at the very least it would be great if meatless salads could be offering (or the option to remove the meat). ...more »


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