Submitted by (@kumilyun1)

Sheetzes BADLY needed in the West

I am from Virginia and have lived within the last 5 years in Maryland and West Virginia, and 2 years ago I moved to California before settling last year in Arizona. I have worked graveyard shift pretty much my entire career and until moving to West Coast, I always had a reliable full service fast food store of excellent quality and variety to shop from during my late night breaks. While I was in Baltimore, there was ...more »


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Submitted by (@austin)

Expanded Locations

We need some Sheetz down south. The Southern most is in the Carolinas. Florida and Georgia need some Sheetz, Wawa is beginning to move in the Tampa Bay Area, and it is nothing compared to Sheetz. Show everyone down south what a true gas station is!!!


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@hoosierfan)

Philadelphia style hoagie roll vs standard white bread roll

i would definitely buy many more subs at sheetz if they gave me the option for a traditional hoagie roll. The bread which Wawa uses for all their subs/hoagies makes me always pick a Wawa over a Sheetz if they are both nearby. The MTO's will do but Wawa wins as far as bread quality for this frequent convenience store sub/hoagie buyer.


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