Loyalty/Rewards Program

Special VIP cards

Sheetz should or could create a special VIP card for special customers, much like the "black" card from Amex.

You can set the standards for such a card for the requirements on who gets it.

Perks, like larger discount on gas, hidden MTO items, ability to buy another random customer in the store something under $10.

Special sales or deals for VIPs only.

Possibilities are endless.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Veggie Pizza Options

I already sent this to you on Twitter but VEGGIE PIZZA! I work at a store and sometimes I will get a cheese pizza and then order veggies to put on top of it. It cooks great on the same setting as normal pizza and is delicious! I think this would be good to start a vegetarian menu and give a little healthier option. I work 40+ hours a week and I am trying to eat healthier but it can be difficult to do so with the current ...more »


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New Services & Technology

Door Dash

With one of the priorities of Sheetz being to get customers food, drinks, etc. As fast as possible to keep the customers moving, I think it would be an excellent idea for them to partner with Door Dash. Door Dash is a third party company who fills in for delivery drivers. Sheetz has already made it so you can order food VIA the app to make the customers experience better and faster but does not offer delivery at all. ...more »


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New stores in upstate ny

Hi sheetz my name is bill walker i moved to ticonderoga ny last year from irwin pa we have nothing covenant up here . i miss you guys alot!!! We need sheetz here badly . you guys could really profit up here with just 1 store . please consider a store up here it would be awsome and you wouldn't be able to keep enough food or gas to keep up lol . thank you have someone look into ticonderoga ny area you guys wouldn't be ...more »


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Employees & Interaction

Positive Interaction

Positive interactions increase good feelings, increase morale and improve work satisfaction. ... Take the time and energy to help everyone in the organization develop the skills for positive interactions, whenever possible. There are many benefits to having effective working relationships


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Sustainability & Environment

GREENWARE plant-based drink cups and food service items!

Hello - First, I want to say I'm a huge Sheetz fan and consider myself an unofficial ambassador for the company since I am the PA photographer for new store openings. Recently, I traveled to Austin TX and bought a yoghurt cup in a Greenware "plastic" cup, which was stamped with MADE FROM PLANTS. I was so excited I went immediately to the website and learned these cups and other food service items are made from plants ...more »


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