Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@luke.p)

Faster Service

A new campaign about "Stopping the Shlowness" I get the food all the time but there are always unappealing wait times anymore. I have to expect 10 minutes even during non-peak hours because there are already 3-4 people waiting. During peak hours I'll wait 15-20 with 7-8 people in front of me. Adding another person for 7.25 would definitely get made up for with the increase in revenue. I'll go to McDonald's if I'm in ...more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@britney)

Boxes for certain food items

I would love if we had the option to have certain food items put in a box instead of wrapped in foil. I understand this would probably cost the company more, so if there was an extra small fee to have my burgers and hot dogs put in a box, I would gladly pay it. Every time I order hot dogs, burgers, or sandwiches, the bread gets smashed. I know it tastes the same regardless, but it irritates me. Sheetz supplied boxes for ...more »


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Submitted by (@anthonymcelhinny)

Drive Through MTO

Have a drive through touch menu and window on the outside of the building. It can run the same system and kitchen with possibly a condensed menu if needed. It would open up traffic on the inside and save time especially with breakfast items. You could even include specific store items such as RedBull or candy.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Submitted by (@rrachaelar)

Ice Cream Menu

One of my favorite parts about the MTO menu is the drink section. I love the many different options there are for blended coffee drinks and fruit smoothies, but I think including a section for milkshakes would add an exciting twist to the menu, especially for the summer! People could choose their favorite base flavor and add things to mix in, such as M&Ms, peanuts, cookies, etc.


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