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Sheetz should consider adding poutine to its MTO lineup. This could include the option of either fries or tots, mixed in with Wisconsin cheese bites, tossed in gravy (or any other Sheetz sauce of the customer's choice). You could also include the option to add meats or toppings for an upcharge.


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Other Experience Ideas


I think instead of throwing out of date items I think I should be donated to local fire,end police in the community they serve,they're out in all conditions and are hungry upon return,this would help them out,same with drinks


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Other Experience Ideas

Food coursing

Can you please course the cold drinks more in time with hot food? There needs to be a way to prevent my cream from getting 59 degrees while it waits for it's fried food companion rung in on same ticket. I know it's a communication issue because lighting quick ice cream dude always looks at me funny when he calls my number and I hesitate to pick up my frozen drink to melt in my hand.


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New Services & Technology

Email My Fuel Receipt

Imagine the self-employed customer or the fleet customer that NEEDS their fuel receipt for tax/business purposes. They are almost late for their meeting. Fuel light dings. Sheetz, next exit. Pull up to the pump... scan their My Sheetz Card. Fill up. Print receipt? YES. Whirl...... Whirl. Out of paper?! Jam?! No time to go inside but has to. ANGRY! Instead it could be.... Scan Sheetz card at pump. It’s registered ...more »


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