Made-To-Order Menu

Salad Options

It would be easy to have a large bowl and a pizza cutter or a real salad chopper to create chopped salads and if you don't already have the option to create your own salad from a list of ingredients then you should have that as well. Places like Chopt in DC and other salad chains do this but in Western PA we have nothing like this. I would also add nuts and seeds and other fruit like grapes and berries to add to salads.... more »


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Bring Back Pink Cookies!

Whatever happened to the Pink-Iced Cookies that used to be sold in the Schweetz section? Seriously, these were my prime motivation for stopping at as many Sheetz as I could! I love the pink cookies with a cappuchino! No where else can you find a cookie of this caliber and there was no reason as to why they were taken away. I've tweeted, Facebooked and e-mailed about these and no one seems fit to respond.


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New Services & Technology

Alternate Rewards Card Entry

You should have a system installed like other stations do, which allows you to enter your registered phone number or license number that is associated with your card, at the register or at the pump, in case you don't have you card on you (I asked at my local Sheetz and I was told that they don't have that capability at the moment)


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Other Product Ideas

Selling Sheetz Sauces in bottles to the public

I love Sheetz sauces. All of the different kinds are delicious! I always get sauce with whatever I order at MTO, and I would like to be able to have them at home too. They don't sell any of their sauces in bulk, but that would be a nice addition to Sheetz and a great change for everyone who loves their sauce.


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Made-To-Order Menu


I think Sheetz should have a larger selection of bagels to pick from than just a plain bagel. I think many more people would eat breakfast at Sheetz if they were able to pick a blueberry, french toast, egg, everything, onion, or even a cinnamon raisin bagel. It would also be nice to have more cream cheese options such as strawberry, honey nut, or blueberry cream cheese. This selection would entice many more customers... more »


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