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Mood Ordering

This would operate in 2 stages: 1. Data collection - As people could go into order they could opt to tell the system what their basic mood is (i.e. Sad, happy, excited, really hungry) and it would collect that data as well as save the order. This would then be compiled from several regions to find out what people eat most when they are in certain moods. 2. Implementation into ordering system - When we have enough... more »


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Sheetz Convenience Store

I think Sheetz would benefit from a few, strategically placed, pump-free stores. The Sheetz name is established well enough to prosper from its MTO and convenience store services alone. For example, as a resident of downtown State College, PA, I think that our town would be the perfect location to test a pump-free location. I know that the town's residents (especially the college students) would love being able to duck... more »


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New Services & Technology

One Stop Shop

My wife and I were heading out of town recently and needed to pick up an anniversary card for a couple we know. We needed gas before we left but also needed to stop and get a card. Having any kind of card selection would be helpful. Also an "alternate ID" of a phone number associated with the sheetz card would be helpful.


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