New Services & Technology

Submitted by (@luke.p)

Gas Points to Store Items

If you don't shop at the grocery store chain your points go you can convert those points to items in the store. For example 25 Points = A large Fountain Soda, 60 Points = MTO, etc.


I think most people end up shopping at Weis because that's Sheetz' partner but I think you could get additional people in there that prefer Wegman's, etc. just because they can then convert 150 points into a Magazine...


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New Services & Technology

Submitted by (@christopherluckenbill)

Multiple Gift Cards at gas pumps

I use Sheetz gift cards at the gas pumps. When I need to use more than one card, the pump makes you wait 30 seconds telling you to take the receipt before it will allow you to start a new session. Please allow multiple gift cards per session and/or remove the delay at the receipt.


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Submitted by (@austin)

Expanded Locations

We need some Sheetz down south. The Southern most is in the Carolinas. Florida and Georgia need some Sheetz, Wawa is beginning to move in the Tampa Bay Area, and it is nothing compared to Sheetz. Show everyone down south what a true gas station is!!!


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Other Experience Ideas

Submitted by (@jlmeeker82)

MTO Kitchen Store

It would nice to have a Sheetz MTO Kitchen store in an area where you can't put in a full store with gas pumps. IE: Downtown State College, PA. A Sheetz MTO Kitchen would be great to get food for breakfast, lunch, or supper or midnight snack. Also, with the convenience store side, it would be helpful to get a few items that you may need and don't want to drive to a box store to get. I am sure there are other areas ...more »


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