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Update: THANK YOU for all of the great ideaz! We are always monitoring the ideas and will continue to look into getting as many as we can into our stores as quickly as possible. We are making progress on several ideas and are in detailed review or test of at least 63 and have implemented 39 of the ideas that came from you, our customers. We will try to update you as much as we can on some of the things we're doing behind the scenes. Please keep your ideaz coming to create the Sheetz of the Future with us!

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Other Experience Ideas

Micro Brew Beer Subscription

I received an email today to complete a survey about subscriptions for hot dogs, coffee and fountain sodas. Why not go a step further and offer a micro brew beer subscription where you can get a mixed six pack per month and some swag from your distributor. You can have a monthly PA micro brew feature such as Troegs, New Trail, Old Forge Brewing, etc. It would be awesome!


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Self-Serve Coffee

Sheetz Bros. French Coffee K-cups

I have 33 k-cups of the Sheetz Bros French Coffee to whomever is willing to pay for shipping. My daughter-in-law worked for a company here in Louisiana, that would give them different flavors when news ones came out. Thing is, I only own a pod maker and a 12-cup coffee pot, so these k-cups are useless to me😩🥺. Let me know if any one is interested please. All you have to do is pay shipping and all 33 are yours.☕️☕️


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