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A Time Line of the success of Sheetz

On the Sheetz website, there is a simple page of family and a small description. Sheetz has been around for over 60 years, half a century and climbing. I feel this does NOT do the Sheetz founding family justice. My Idea, there should be a timeline with photos, start the time line from 1952 - show us the first store opened with several pictures and a bio of the man that started it all! Let us see the drive, the passion, the desire to open a food store that can be better than those fast food restaurants. To be something more to what people can return to and not care about going anywhere else! A family created store that serves its customers like theyre a member of the family and treat them like a person, NOT A NUMBER. Then the rest of the timeline should show the growing success of the generations that follow. When Sheetz passes 100, you will thank me for suggesting doing this!



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