Sustainability & Environment

Allow reusable cups to be used for Sheetz Bros Coffee.

Reusable hot/cold coffee cups are an easy way for consumers to keep straws and cups out of landfills and oceans. It is very surprising and disappointing in my last visit that I couldn't get my SBC order in the reusable cup I had brought due to Sheetz's own rules.


The store and customer service rep said I could use their cup to transfer my SBC drink into my cup; that was an unhelpful idea because the whole point was to avoid using a disposable cup and straw! I'm especially stunned by Sheetz refusing to use my cup because not using your stock would save money and supplies and every other coffee shop has been happy to fill a reusable cup. Starbucks even encourages this by offering a discount and selling their own reusables.


If Sheetz makes reusable cups an option for specialty orders—like it is for basic hot coffee already—I'll give them my speciality coffee business again. Until then, I'll be ordering from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.


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