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Allowing customers to benefit from our own demographics

I certainly agree that the MTO terminals should have input capability to allow customers 'recall' their favorite orders. But, I think you can also add more.


First, customers could have the opportunity to have their names printed on their MTO receipt instead of a very impersonal number. When your order is ready, the MTO chef will CALL YOUR NAME! [Very personal. Very powerful. If people DON'T want their name to be called, they can choose NOT to opt for that through their online account.]


Because customers could swipe their Sheetz Card at the MTO terminal, the computer would immediately know the demographic of the purchaser. So, if Pepsi, Frito Lay, Coke, Hershey etc. is trying to reach certain customers, the receipt from the MTO terminal COULD print a COUPON. For instance, if the customer purchased a sandwich, the terminal could print a coupon offering a discounted price on a soda, bag of snacks, candy bar, RIGHT ON THE MTO TERMINAL RECEIPT that could/would be redeemed when paying.


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