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Bacon in a Bottle

The idea I'd like to share would be a premium topping, Bacon in a Bottle. For +40 cents, you get bacon flavoring on just about anything without having the bacon.


Bacon in a Bottle is a product of Epic Snack Time, Epic Meal Time's snack creation division. It is a bacon flavored powder that can be used as a topping or a flavor additive. You can add it to Mac and Cheese to give it a cheesy, savory, bacony flavor combo from the heavens. Add it to your hot dogs to have a that beautiful taste of bacon without the actual thing, or add bacon too for a double whammy of bacon flavoring. Hell, why not have Bacon in a Bottle sprinkled on your bacon cheese burger and double down there!


Bacon in a Bottle comes in the traditional bacon flavor and a cheddar bacon flavor. Both will blow your minds. I personally add it to my Mac and cheese, homemade cheese steaks, and ramen for taste.


If you're like me and want bacon, need bacon and crave bacon, this item is a gift from the bacon gods that won't give you heartburn or clog those beautiful arteries! Upvote this for bacony goodness on every item you can imagine!


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