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Better Visual Communication

One of the reasons I enjoy Sheetz so much is because of the aesthetic. The restaurant is well designed and the graphic design department is top notch. However, there is a lot of what I might call "visual waste" that happens in the store.


One example is the Sheetz App information booklet. As an employee, I often do not recommend it, as it does not work well for our customers (don't worry, I tell them about the benefits). For example, if a customer is buying gas, they will often say their pump number, put down their money, and be out the door before I finish programming the pump (and I like to think I am a fairly quick employee)! A four page booklet does not work for them. The information is also outdated. I have not received any free items, samples, or special perks for being a Sheetz Freak this year. I created a mock-up of a sheet I would love to give to customers. A single half-page that shows exactly what benefits they can get with the app.


Another example of "visual waste" are the order points. Just to order a sandwich: Food > Full Menu > Sandwiches > Cold > Half > Type > Bread > Toasted > Fries > Cheese > Extra Cheese > Spreads > Veggies 1 > Veggies 2 > Extra Meat > Anything Else > Complete Order. I once heard that an author, upon finishing the first draft of their work, should strike out every other word in their piece. I believe Sheetz could do the same at the order points.


There are other areas that could use some clean up as well. Receipts are too long (and should probably not be printed with each card transaction as I end up throwing away most of them). Gift cards could be a single piece of plastic. People will also get confused and throw away the actual gift card and try to pay with the useless top portion. Signs, while high quality, can be too numerous. We have six signs about job opportunities, two big signs about the coffee and donut deal, four large signs about...I think it's about the tacos...and dozens of smaller ones about tobacco.


As I have said, I do enjoy Sheetz and their aesthetic, I just wish we could eliminate some of the waste we have in the store, as well as simplify information for our customers. I thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.


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