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Diesel-Only Pumps desperately needed!!

Last Edited by Elora Swann

Would it be possible to make at least one of the two end pumps diesel-only for folks hauling large trailers who cannot safely access any of the other pumps? This seems like it may be a simpler solution than installing stand-alone diesel pumps. If this could be done it would honestly mean the world to myself, my friends, and most likely everyone else who hauls large trailers with diesel vehicles.

We haul horses to shows almost every weekend with our diesel trucks. Sheetz is our go-to gas station as the prices are great, there is usually plenty of room to get our large horse trailers in and out, and the food is perfect for when we're on the go! However, with such a small turning radius we can usually only access the two diesel pumps on the outsides of the end stations so it's extremely frustrating when these pumps are occupied by non-diesel vehicles. This unfortunately seems to happen almost every time I stop to fill up my truck. Extra time spent waiting on these folks is extra time that our horses are stuck on hot trailers without moving air.


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