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Fried Burger patties

Okay so I think that if its possible much like we have the fried chicken patty sandwhich we could have a burger that we could also drop in the deepfryer. Maybe as like a limited time promotion or something. I mean we deep fry the tacos and that has ground beef... so I figure a burger patty wouldnt be too off the beaten path. Although I'm not sure if it would negatively impact anyones allegies/dietary restrictions to have beef in the same fryer as everything else, but assuming its not I think its worth looking into at least as far as having another option for burger preperation goes. Since right now to make a burger to order you're usually heating it in the microwave and /or blast oven. I think having another option that has a crunchy element that also has a contrasting texture to the microwave patty would be a cool addition.



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