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Gift for a Cause & Point Usage

Sheetz HQ there has been a lot of talk about being able to gift our points to other members; it’s a great idea. But let me tell you something else I thought of while Trick-or-Treating with my kids. Rewards Programs such as Pampers Points or Recycle Bank both have the ability to use their points and for lack of knowing the precise terms “Gift for a Cause.” We have had numerous states in need of funding and Sheetz does an excellent job trying support said causes but what if we could gift our earned points

1) Points from the current purchase

2) A preset amount of points – 100, 250, 500, 1000

3) Use the app or website to gift points


These could be used for larger causes or even local causes:

Since I was at a nursing home trick-or-treating I was thinking how cool would it be if we could donate for Grand Parents Day (the Sunday after Labor Day every year) and each point would be for a certain amount of money (perhaps .50 per 100 points which would turn into $5 per 1,000) then Sheetz could either donate the money or in the case of the nursing home maybe Donate Coffee, Donuts, Orange Juice, etc. and they could have a free breakfast supported by their own community. Awwww makes me want to cry at the thought, lol. We don’t celebrate Grand Parents day like we use to; I use to be able to bring mine to school with me (for part of the day anyway).


Also another idea is that we could use our points for:


Sheetz Gear – Car Washes – Cents off per Gallon (All Previously Mentioned by Sheetz Members)

A drawing to win Sheetz Gift Card

A drawing to win a Sheetz Prize Basket (Those Blankets and Chairs were so cool; so jealous of some of you)

Points to purchase other Gift Cards


Anyway – thoughts for you – courtesy of my brain and the great folks at the nursing home who inspire greatness in me.


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