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Increased Productivity for worker at coffee station

I have been a customer of Sheetz as long as I can remember and purchase at least one coffee a day and sometimes multiple times when my schedule permits. I think I have an addiction to your coffee. Anyways I have become friends with most of the workers there especially Chuck who tends to the coffee station. Chuck works very hard trying to keep up which is a good thing for Sheetz. One day I noticed Chuck ripping up a couple bags of coffee to put into a filter to start brewing new coffee. In order to save time and prevent customers from waiting I was thinking Sheetz can pre-package the coffee inside a coffee filter so he can just drop it in the dispenser. It would resemble a bean bag except it would be coffee inside. This would also eliminate all the empty bags of trash Chuck deals with after he empties it in the filter. Also it would eliminate coffee grounds getting everywhere and in customers coffee.



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