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Its all about the bacon

I drive truck for a living and I frequent sheetz stores almost every day that I work. There needs to be an option on the ordering screens to have your bacon CHEWY or CRISPY. The way they are cooking the bacon now, it's always chewy and more often than not, it's almost to the point where it ISN'T even done. This is a problem at every sheetz I have ever been to, and I'm all over the place. When you take a bite of something with bacon and you can't successfully bite through it and it pulls the whole piece out of the sandwich when you pull it away from your mouth, that's starts to become an issue, because that shows that it isn't done. On sandwiches, I ( among millions of others I'm sure ) like my bacon crispy, but there is no option for that. I have not been getting anything with bacon in the last few months because frankly, it isn't good anymore. Please fix this, not everybody likes their bacon rubbery. Thank you.


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