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LEGO Sheetz

Could Sheetz partner up with LEGO, even if it is just for a limited run, to sell Sheetz LEGO puzzles?


Imagine being able to buy a Sheetz Store, made out of LEGO's, that you can build (kids and adults) and play with (kids). Would be great for around the Holidayz! We could even donate a % of the sales directly towards Sheetz For the Kidz!! Would make a great gift idea.


LEGO makes everything. Why not a Sheetz? Detailed models of our facilities, inside and out. Zoned Seating, Gas Islands, Carwash, etc.


Some limited run/collector items could include:

- Sheetz Store

- Older Versions of a Sheetz Store (Original #1, Mega Sheetz, New Store Design Sheetz)

- Sheetz Gas Truck

- The Sheetz Family, as LEGO characters

- Sheetz Carwash

- Sheetz Distribution Center

- Etc...



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