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Let's get digital

Sheetz is the next level of convenience. I think we need to step up our game on how we handle job functions.


My vision; the sheetz employee app


If your office cluttered? Is growing your stores business leaving you stressed? Are you having issues covering shifts? Does your store lack communication? Are your team members feeling unmotivated, unappreciated?


Something like this can go so far. We can start with live schedules, and move onto live shifts, stores, districts. Imagine being able to open a shift, and employees can choose which stores, or by localtion of which alerts they receive.


Imagine a world where you are running the front end, and have your phone logged into the sheetz app. (The app automatically disables phone functions.) You're in the middle of helping a customer choose their cigarettes, when you hear a distinct (eventually recognizable by customers) alert



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