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Mint for SBC Drinks

I work for Sheetz at Store 215 and regularly order SBC drinks. You can get drizzle and swirls in the cup with chocolate or peanut butter, for example. But, I've thought to myself, if you can get peanut butter or chocolate, why not mint?


I know what you're thinking, mint, really? Mint?


The answer to that is YES!


I've ordered a Milkshake or a Cake Batter Drink and have wondered why there isn't a mint sauce you can order drizzled or swirled in the cup.

Although there is a frosted mint flavour you can get, I feel that a mint sauce would do very well.


And as an idea for a specialty drink could be mint drizzle (optional) with chocolate and York peppermint pattie pieces on top as a topping.



You could order a Mint Mocha, or a York Mint Blast (that's the name for the specialty drink.)


I really hope this idea gets out there as it's my first idea I've submitted on here and believe that it would be successful. Thank you.


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