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More Vegetarian Options

Hi there, I'm a vegetarian and I love Sheetz but find that there are very limited vegetarian options for 'entrees'. Two things in particular that would be great:


1) Fully customizeable salads (with more garnish options). I was surprised to find that it wasn't an option to remove the meat when ordering a salad, so at the very least it would be great if meatless salads could be offering (or the option to remove the meat). And even better, if there were alternative protein options/add-ons, like black beans, chickpeas, & hard boiled eggs, that could be added on to every salad, that would make things a lot more flexible for us vegetarians. :)


2) In the mexican fare - For anything that you have the option to add rice & beans to...could these ingredients be separated? You always have to add "rice & beans," but in many/most cases I'd like to add beans but NOT rice.


And then one final idea that isn't vegetarian-specific:


3) More low-carb MTO options! A perfect example of this would be to offer a "burrito bowl" - something along the lines of what Chipotle offers - where the customer can select exactly what they want to go in (choosing to omit rice, meat, etc if they choose).


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