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Organic Options

I LOVE Sheetz but I'm a rather healthy eater (I know -aka a picky person womp womp) and I'm a big believer in eating organic/natural foods whenever possible. I think Sheetz has a great selection of healthy food options, but not organic foods. I think creating an option for using organic veggies, eggs, fruits, and nitrate free meats would really draw new customers. None of the other restaurants I know of have organic options (Panera, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, etc.). This could also be a menu choice - so people can choose to pay more for organic. Also adding more granola bars, candy, chips that contain no hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients would be nice. It's very frustrating when I'm on the road and trying to eat well because my only choice is to stop at a grocery store or bring my own. Also offering sodas that don't have artificial sweeteners would be awesome! Zevia is a great brand that makes sodas that are made to taste like Dr. Pepper, Mountain, Dew, and Coke, but have no calories and are made with Stevia and all natural ingredients. All natural mints and gum would also be a plus because it's rare to find those and I hate chewing/eating chemicals. Trader Joe's has awesome green tea mints that are healthy and taste good.


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