Route 737 and 22 intersection a gold mine

Take a look at the intersection of route 22 and route 737 and I believe Berks county the bridge and intersection was just replaced with four new ramps there are truck stops further up the highway about 7 miles in each direction East or West there is nothing like Sheetz anywhere near the highway for at least 12 miles there is tourist attractions off of the exit that incur lot of traffic and there is an old diner sitting on the property with a huge parking lot and turnarounds for trucks so you have gas service and electric service and phone service already on the property the driveway is nice and flat and we'll shake you could just pave it over and be ready to go put in some tanks and open up. LOL you may have a lot of operation in the area but this highway has incredible amounts of traffic and route 737 is a major highway through the area it is also the highway most trucks in the area take from route 222 the north-south route to get to i-78 a major East-West route so you have large truck traffic tons of car traffic during the week there's a large tourist area right off the exit including an old towns a railroad a steam Railroad restaurant butcher shop there's a lot of history in the area that make a lot of people come to that area and sheets is known for its good food and since there is not many places to eat or purchase grocery items in the area Sheetz would be ideal I know you don't have a large grocery selection but you at least have plenty of food for that area had I couldn't think of where I can get a donut within 15 miles of that area. There used to be a small run-down c-store at the intersection but they were bought out one PennDOT remodeled but there's plenty of room for the sheets on the restaurant side if you just look at the location you can just picture it terrific signage on the highway easy on-and-off long ramps I'm telling you this may not be a great fit community-wise there's not a lot of homes in the immediate area however also is a school just down the street which would equate to school traffic and people stopping on their way from school as I said this intersection could use a quality food gas rest stop the lands just waiting to be bought and I'm sure at this point it can be bought cheap. check it out please really is a money-making spot if I had the money I'd build one I'll tell you.



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