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Hello my name is Rebecca n I used to b employed at Sheetz. During the 5 years I worked there I came across some food ideas that I believe would boost sheetz profits. One is milkshakes. You can make an ordinary vanilla milkshakes and add the Rte cheesecakes to the mix for a cheesecake shake. It is very delicious, would boost sales, and help with the waste when the cheesecakes go out of code. Also a deep fried burrito. no other company in our area even offers this and it is very delicious. You put a tortilla either chicken or steak and cheese and deep fry it on for. since it's bread meat and cheese it will not contaminate the fryer oil due to we already fry breaded items chicken and items filled with cheese. Once out of the fryer put it in a nacho platter and add your cold toppings on top (lettuce sour cream etc.). Anybody I ever made this floor loved it. Something new and it would help sales as well. I still love sheetz and the company and I hope you can take these suggestions and profit from them.


Thank you,


Rebecca Eldredge



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