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Sheetz 3D

Everyday there are children and "children at heart," driving the children, pulling in and out of your store/stations. Your colors are bright and warm, your image is clean and fresh, your offerings are nearly endless and your truck design turns everyone's head on the road. The "children at heart" are spending money today but the real children of today will be spending money tomorrow. Give them both what they want and have been asking for. Sometimes I see they have begged for it. Its an idea that is overdue and will not cost you anything. The good news is that someone else will gladly do the "heavy lifting "design and logistics.. Agree to have a diecast company build and market a very, very realistic and extraordinarily detailed Sheetz store/station. The set up would include but not be limited to, the building the parking pad and gas pumps with removable nozzles to fill the toy cars and trucks, rain protection overhangs for the pumps and of course the free air pump (your most brilliant ides to date.) In addition, there would be a Sheetz tanker done just like the actual tankers that deliver your gas to the stations. The store/station and the truck should be in the HO scale since this is the popular size for the model railroad enthusiast. You could make it and sell it at a profit or it could be something you would rather forego profits and plow the at money into the utmost detail. For example, it could have lights powered by AAA batteries or smaller batteries. I can assure you that my grandson and I would be in hog heaven on the floor rolling his cars and trucks up to the pumps and "filling them up" with Sheetz gas. A metal filling station was my most prized and memorable toy when I was a child. Man, I wish I had it now. It had a car elevator to the roof and a ramp to roll the cars down. Dads and grand dads would buy them. because they want them and moms would buy them because Junior ask for them. Collectors would buy them as a collector item as well as those who build villages and towns in their basement. The store/stations would fly out the door. Sheetz would cultivate a future generation of "Sheets Shoppers" and everyone would live "happily ever after." There is something here for everyone. Mr. Sheetz, people should not have to beg you for this. Please. Let's make it happen. I know I am looking forward to it. It is a good idea, a very good idea.



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