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Sheetz Run 5K

A literal "Sheetz Run." With Mac and Cheese bites waiting at the finish line.


The idea came about one day as I was craving mac&cheese bites and considering hitting the running trail which very nearly connects my back door directly to the MTO machine. It was about 8 degrees and almost dark, so I didn't go, but began thinking how a literal "Sheetz Run" race could occur. This fantasy race in my head takes place in Altoona, Pennsylvania (not where I'm from). The course somehow makes its way through Lakemont Park, possibly the Altoona Curve park and eventually reaches a finish line at the Sheetz location nearest these other venues. At the finish line is your usual water, Gatorade, chocolate milk, etc...and the most important parts...the Mac & Cheese Bites and finisher medals with the medallion resembling an MTO sub.


This idea could be taken a step further and connecting several relatively close locations in a 10K or half marathon distance.


I think people would travel to take part in this hypothetical race. ( I would, and live 2 hours from there) Eventually, the race would grow and expand into a series of races in Sheetz towns across the east coast and beyond.


I chose to start in Altoona since that is where the company is headquartered.


I know that Sheetz is a major sponsor of the PA Special Olympics and the race could potentially be a fundraiser for them or another non-profit community organization.


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