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Sheetz Visit Log

The idea is basically a log that one would use on the Sheetz app that keeps track of all the different Sheetz stores you’ve been to, like a digital version of that page in your passport they put the country stamp on. The goal is a fun thing for bragging rightz to see who has been to the most locationz. Could keep track with a geotagged picture you take in app (the app will only let you take a picture in a certain area possibly) or a qr code in store. Then all the ones you visited would appear on a map or list like those maps people keep pins in to show where they’ve been.


Another idea is maybe you could get some kind of points or a reward for a certain number of visitz (this thing writes itself!) for a number of different stores visited. For illustrative purposes, you get (insert item) for visiting 10 different locations and so on increasing up to the total number of stores.


I know if this existed I’d use it all the time and I’m sure numerous other Sheetz Freakz would love to have something like this to show off their Sheetz swag!



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