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Sheetz radio

As an Employee, i dont dislike the songs that are played on the sheetz radio, but i wish there was a place, a forum akin to this one where employeez can suggest a song, and if it gets enough votes it gets reviewed by management and then approved or denied officially and openly and then added to the playlist if approved. I believe employeez would love to hear songs they really really enjoy that they suggested or voted on, and feel a sense of being a valued voice within the company.


If there is a song-suggestion thing already, i’ve never heard of it, so if there is, please make the knowledge that it exists more known, maybe add something to the playlist like a 15 second ad by Joe Sheetz that says “you’re listening to sheetz radio, if you would like to suggest or vote for songs to be played, go to []” and then boom, every single store employee would hear that at least once a shift and then most of the company would know.


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